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That's One Classy Girl

dont threaten me with love baby, lets take a walk in the rain

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Bettie Page once showed us that there can be nothing more beautiful than the graceful yet seductive woman. this community is for people with an outstanding appreciation for pinups and retro pop culture.

the only requirement is the understanding that every woman is beautiful in her own way. and that the women of the 1940's and 50's were bold, beautiful women with their own thoughts and dreams...

this is NOT a rate-me community.

guys, go ahead and join... these are some classy chicks. but please, be gentlemen.

i will be posting regularly about finds, articles or pictures. you are all free to do the same. no obligation.

no one will be rejected or kicked out. post what you want. this is your community to speak your mind with people who like what you do.

when you join :

please post:

1) what is your name?
2) where are you from?
3) what do you look like? -insert picture-
4) what's your favorite classic flick? (before 1965 of course)
5) what's your favorite classic TV series?
6) whose your favorite pinup model?
7) what makes you such a classy skirt? *winks*

...just so people can get to know you.

*wink* enjoy these classy skirts

<3your moderator